Leading solar energy firm — SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR), announced yesterday that it has supplied four megawatts of high-efficiency E-Series SunPower solar panels for a ground-mounted solar power system in Amman, Jordan.

To put that in perspective, one megawatt is said to have the ability to power as many as 1000 small homes.

The new solar system is generating power for the headquarters of the Arab Jordan Investment Bank and its surrounding branches in the Amman area.

The system — which was commissioned in July — was designed and built by Wathba energy, who state that it should produce seven gigawatt hours of electricity in the first year of operation.

SunPower Is An Industry Leader

SunPower states that compared to conventional solar panels, its E-Series panels (those used in this system) can produce up to 36{0b7da518931e2dc7f5435818fa9adcc81ac764ac1dff918ce2cdfc05099e9974} more power per panel, and 60{0b7da518931e2dc7f5435818fa9adcc81ac764ac1dff918ce2cdfc05099e9974} more energy per square foot over 25 years.

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The general manager of Wathba Energy Dr. Feras Batarseh, said:

“There is tremendous growth potential in Jordan’s solar market, and we congratulate AJIB for its leadership in the use of this affordable, renewable power source […] SunPower’s high performance solar panels will optimise the value of this project for AJIB, by maximising energy production and helping AJIB achieve its financial and operational goals,” 

SunPower Vice President Peter Aschenbrenner added:

“Backed by a strong SunPower product and power warranty, the panels installed on the ground-mounted system can generate long-term value and cost-competitive solar power for 25 years or more,”

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, SunPower is a sustainable energy company who provides a wide range of customers with “complete solar solutions and services”. It has seen a successful year so far with notable achievements, including its acquisition of SolarWorld which happened in April.

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