Sunnova announced that it has re-entered the Arizona solar market with its solar portfolio offerings, including Sunnova SunSafe, its solar+storage offering. Sunnova offers a broad and comprehensive solar portfolio across the Grand Canyon State and, with Sunnova SunSafe, Sunnova is now the only residential solar service provider to offer 25-year solar+storage lease and loan plans with an extensive warranty and performance guarantee.

“We don’t just believe in offering homeowners energy choices, we also believe in giving them energy control—in Arizona, we’ll be doing both of those things,” said William (John) Berger, CEO of Sunnova Energy Corporation. “We are focusing efforts on reliability and energy management to help our customers maximize the benefits of solar.”

“Solar in Arizona has been popular, but also contentious, for years and it continues to be a flashpoint in political discourse. It’s heartening that the market is stable enough to support solar plus battery storage for consumers who want to prepare for energy outages and reduce their carbon footprint,” said Meghan Nutting, executive VP of government affairs and communications at Sunnova. “It is our hope that Arizona leaders step up to protect the rights of ratepayers who want greater control over the energy they use and that their attempts to tax the sun are behind us.”

Sunnova SunSafe is a customized solar plus battery storage technology system designed to meet home energy needs in Arizona in a smarter way. Sunnova SunSafe uses intelligent control technology to manage how the energy produced from the sun flows to the home, to the battery or back to the electric grid to offset the highest energy costs. During time of use on-peak rates, or if the electric grid goes down, the home will draw energy from Sunnova SunSafe to power the home’s most critical needs, protecting consumers from outages or high electricity rates. Sunnova SunSafe has the intelligence, reliability and safety to power the home, family and life.

By offering various rooftop solar and solar plus storage system solutions, Sunnova will give homeowners in Arizona the opportunity to go solar with Sunnova through their suite of solar offerings: Sunnova EZ Own, Sunnova Solar Lease or Sunnova SunSafe.

For more information on going solar with Sunnova in Arizona, visit: https://www.sunnova.com/service-areas/arizona/.

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