If you’re looking to install a solar panel on your roof in Spring Valley, there won’t be too much governmental red tape to cut through to make it happen.

At Monday night’s meeting, the Spring Valley city council passed an ordinance amending the land development code, which addressed standards for solar panel and wind energy installation.

The amended code put in stipulations that any large-scale solar or wind farms would have to apply for a special use permit before installing equipment within city limits. That would require a hearing with the planning commission and city council approval.

Residents looking to add a solar panel or two to their roof don’t have it as difficult. As long as they are meeting height requirements and visibility standards they would not have to go through the city’s planning commission.

“I assume most home installation would meet the criteria to not need a special use permit,” city attorney Jim Andreoni said.

Several public bodies, including Spring Valley Elementary, Hall High School and the city itself have been approached in recent months about installing solar equipment on public property.

Spring Valley is continuing to look into the issue with two companies — Bluestem Energy Solutions and NextEra Energy — who want to conduct studies in Spring Valley before installing equipment.

Also at Monday’s meeting, Spring Valley hired Mark Pruitt of the Power Bureau, LLC as an electrical consultant as the city moves forward on solar possibilities. Pruitt was hired at $125 per hour, not to exceed $3,500.

Read more in an upcoming edition of the NewsTribune.


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