STAT 202 ***In-Class Test*** Solar Energy in Different Weather. Voltage readings from a meter connected to a system was used to test the claim of equal voltage readings in different types of day. 1. The table below summarizes the results- Source DF Factor 2 6.9144 3.4572 38.04 0.0088 Error 15 1.3633 0.0909 Total 17 8.2778 MS S- 0.3015 R-Sq 83.53{0b7da518931e2dc7f5435818fa9adcc81ac764ac1dff918ce2cdfc05099e9974} R-Sq(adj ) :81.33{0b7da518931e2dc7f5435818fa9adcc81ac764ac1dff918ce2cdfc05099e9974} a- How many samples were used? b- What is the sample size of each sample? c- What is the F statistic? a- What is the critical value? e- If you compare the F statistic to the critical value, wi11 you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? Explain f- Identify the p-value g- What is the conclusion of this experiment? 2. A confidence interval for the proportion of people who support the legalization of marihuana for medical purposes was found to be 0.48±0.25. This confidence interval was constructed with a confidence level of 90{0b7da518931e2dc7f5435818fa9adcc81ac764ac1dff918ce2cdfc05099e9974}. What sample size did they use? 3. A simple random sample of 200 US citizen was taken to estimate the proportion of people who like soda. 135 responded they enjoy drinking soda. Construct a 98{0b7da518931e2dc7f5435818fa9adcc81ac764ac1dff918ce2cdfc05099e9974} confidence interval. Interpret the interval. 4. It is believed that the average age of American students entering college is 18.2 years. Some analysts think the age is lower and take a simple sample that the sample mean is 17.25 years with a standard deviation of 2.1 years. conduct a test to verify the analysts claim. of 49 students and find

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