Our exclusive residential promotions are unlike any other in the industry.

With ZERO limitations we are able to offer a vast range of options including Power Purchase Agreements, Leases, Prepaid PPAs, Cash Purchases, PACE Financing options (HERO, Ygrene, Cal First), and Traditional loans. We work with all installation types including roof mounts on every roof type, ground mounts, carports, and structures. We will conduct an analysis of your home to determine if there are any changes we can recommend that will reduce your home’s energy consumption. We will provide a consultation regarding all of the options available to you. Together, we will make your home more energy efficient and save you money!


Considering solar for your commercial property or business provides endless benefits.

When you reduce your fixed expenses, you increase your bottom line as well as the value of your business/property.  From state and city projects to large, privately owned properties, our commercial solar partners have installed thousands of projects at every level.

We will conduct a detailed analysis of your project, find the best solution, and provide a list of bids from our partners for your comparison.


Batteries are making a major advancement in technology today! 

Many businesses may not have space for enough solar panels to offset their electrical consumption. The solution is to use batteries, with or without solar. Batteries can draw energy from the grid in the middle of the night when electric rates are at their lowest then use the energy stored by the batteries in the middle of the day when rates are at their highest. In order to determine how much this technology will help your business, we will perform a complete analysis of 12-18 months worth of data broken down to 15-minute intervals.

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