Sunlight Financial, a technology-enabled finance company providing point-of-sale financing solutions for home improvements, Palmetto Clean Technology, a clean technology company that develops and installs energy saving clean technology products for homeowners, and the Renewable Energy Transition Initiative (RETI), a nonprofit that aims to create sustainable communities, today announce the creation of Project Sundrop. Through the new initiative, Sunlight will finance and Palmetto will at no cost install rooftop solar systems for Charlotte families that meet RETI’s selection criteria. The first installation will take place on August 7, starting at 10 a.m. in the North End Community of Charlotte, North Carolina.

“RETI is excited to partner with Sunlight and Palmetto to launch Project Sundrop,” said founder and executive director DeAndrea Salvador. “Together, we’ll help Charlotte families with high energy burdens save their hard-earned dollars and protect our environment.”

RETI looked to the North End Smart Homes Kick Start participants, who had previously received energy education and training. RETI believes that education about conserving energy and energy efficiency are building blocks of home energy savings and is an important first step before installing rooftop solar. RETI worked with the community to select a homeowner with a high energy burden and whose rooftop met the eligibility requirements and would allow for the greatest amount of energy to be produced.

“I am so excited that my house was chosen for solar panels and it will help me reduce the expenses of my energy bills,” said Sharon, “And the money saved will be used to help my children with their education and other household expenses.”

Since January, Sunlight and Palmetto have partnered to help hundreds of homeowners in and beyond the Carolinas transition to a clean energy future through the installation of home solar systems financed by simple, easy-to-understand consumer loans. Project Sundrop deepens the companies’ partnership.

“Sunlight Financial is committed to supporting our Queen City community,” said CEO Matt Potere. “We’re excited to partner with Palmetto and RETI on Project Sundrop and proud to donate our first system to a very worthy family.”

“Palmetto is a mission-oriented company and grew out of our commitment for the betterment of the environment, economy and community,” said CEO Chris Kemper. “Solar energy should be available to all, including the less economically well off. We’re delighted to launch Project Sundrop, and anticipate collaborating with Sunlight and RETI to help numerous Charlotte families for years to come.”

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