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Dozens of Anchorage neighbors come together to buy solar panels in bulk

[ad_1] More than 30 residents of the Airport Heights neighborhood in Anchorage are installing solar panels on their roofs this year. It’s part of “Solarize Anchorage” a program that brings together neighbors to purchase solar panels in bulk. Recent headlines Officials discuss overcrowded housing in rural Alaska State officials heard from residents and groups on […]

Sculptural tree-like canopies harvest rainwater and all available renewables – Land Art Generator

[ad_1] The CanopyArtist Team: Kieran Kartun, Sonni Jeong, Matthew WangEnergy Technologies: horizontal axis wind turbine, kinetic energy harvesting, concentrator photovoltaic (CPV), concentrated solar-thermal power (CSP), ocean tidal energy.Annual Capacity: 2,200 MWhA submission to the 2018 Land Art Generator design competition for Melbourne. An Australian team has conceived of a large scale work of art designed […]

Grassroots Solar donates solar panels to Puerto Rico

[ad_1] News Release — Grassroots SolarAug. 23, 2018 Dorset, VT Grassroots Solar, Inc. of Dorset, VT, is excited to announce the donation of more than 220 solar panels—an array capable of providing 46 kW—to their solar project in Puerto Rico. The donation of the panels, given by Green Street Power Partners in Massachusetts, was facilitated […]

Film highlights solar energy aims

[ad_1] The Cook Islands policy aiming for 100 per cent renewable solar energy by 2020, is expected to gain worldwide attention once a 90-minute feature documentary called Solarwind is released.   The film is being made by German filmmakers and Climate Change and Pacific Studies graduates Dennis Dellschow and Eric Petzoldt. Filmmaker and researcher Dellschow […]

Solved: 5, A Spacecraft Orbiting Earth Relies On Solar Pan…

[ad_1] Show transcribed image text 5, A spacecraft orbiting Earth relies on solar panels that have an efficiency of 26{0b7da518931e2dc7f5435818fa9adcc81ac764ac1dff918ce2cdfc05099e9974} (percent of incoming energy the panels can convert) for power. The spacecraft has a battery to store energy for the half of its orbit the spacecraft is on the night side of the planet and […]

Monetize that rooftop with community solar

[ad_1] Most owners of industrial assets have vast, rentable spaces that they aren’t taking advantage of: the roof. Warehouses and fulfillment centers—which are being developed at a record pace in Illinois—are uniquely positioned to take advantage of solar power generation like never before. In the past, one deterrent to installing solar panels on any structure […]

Colorado Approves Plan for a Clean Energy Future for Pueblo County and the State

[ad_1] (Denver, CO – August 27, 2018) The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) today approved a plan to reduce dangerous air pollution and create a groundbreaking clean energy future for the state, all while saving customers and ratepayers money.   The PUC approved a plan by Xcel Energy, the state’s main electricity provider, to replace two […]