The Maryland Energy Administration appreciates the recent article, “Maryland launches community solar program, creating new green energy opportunities — but also potential conflicts” (Aug. 7), and for recognizing the state’s Community Solar pilot program implemented by the Maryland Public Service Commission with support from multiple stakeholders including MEA.

In support of the pilot program, MEA has developed several incentives which serve commercial, residential and the low-to-moderate income markets. In fiscal year 2018, over $3 million dollars in grant funding was awarded, and an additional $1 million has been allocated for the fiscal year 2019 program incentives to support the larger pilot program. Gov. Larry Hogan supports programs that make more reliable, affordable and clean power available to struggling citizens while assisting businesses that provide jobs.

These pilot program incentives enable more Marylanders with the opportunity to purchase solar energy by easing the initial costs to go solar. While some Maryland residents may be interested in pursuing solar, their residence may not be a good candidate for onsite solar due to the ownership of the property, roof shading or roof orientation. The community solar programs eliminate the need for onsite solar and offer alternative, clean energy options to renters, not just homeowners. This program is made possible via key business partnerships. We believe, if successful, this can be an important next step for Maryland’s clean, sustainable energy generation.

More information can be found at www.Energy.Maryland.gov or call 410-537-4000.

Mary Beth Tung, Baltimore

The writer is director of the Maryland Energy Administration.

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