Hend Farrouh, the manager of Small Solar Energy Projects Systems, said that a project related to the solar energy systems connected to the grid is currently under implementation, in order to support the use of solar cells smaller than 500 kW, especially decentralised generation plants installed on roofs of residential, public, and commercial buildings, as well as hotels and small and medium factories. The implementation period of the project is five years. 

She said that the implementation of the project is done through investments worth $3.5m, which is a grant from the Global Environment Facility, one of the funds of the United Nations (UN) to fund environmental projects.

She pointed out that the project aims to prepare an indicative guide to implement and train technicians, as well as establish a centre to offer technical consultations and support. This would happen through increasing the percentage of local components and preparing technical cadres, as well as supporting the emerging markets of this technology in Egypt, thus bringing new jobs. 


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